Questions about BTE and Exit The Heavyweight

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Questions about BTE and Exit The Heavyweight

Post by Laurelei » Fri Jul 06, 2007 2:39 pm

Hi Max,

I was listening to BTE tonight, and I had a question about Caught In The Act. I see you're credited as having sung as one of the Pharisees. Did it just work out that way or did you put yourself in there on purpose, like when Rembrandt painted himself into The Raising Of The Cross? Have you ever seen it? Rembrandt put himself in the painting as one of the men actually raising the cross by way of showing he knew Jesus was there because of him (and because of me, too); not just those that were actually there. I think Mel Gibson made the same kind of statement when he used his own hands to be those of the Roman soldier nailing Christ to the cross.

Also, my sister wanted me to ask you who, if anyone, was Exit The Heaveyweight written about.

Last, I suppose my American is showing, but what is a tearaway? I never heard that expression before.

In Him,
Jo Ann

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