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Post by Max Thomas » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:16 am

This has also been posted on the main City Boy board, but I'm repeating it here for the reasons specified below.

Outoftune, thank you for being the first person to respond to my challenge on this “Earthquake” topic. Before committing myself to answering your questions, however, I'm going to state what I suggested above – namely, that the City Boy Forum is not really the place where such discussion should take place. When Jakob first came up with the idea of Forum Maximum, he had observed that there were issues that I as an individual raised which were not always pertinent to the main City Boy page.

I don't mainly predict things, but rather study the Bible as a born-again Christian. This is why I'm not willing to promote myself on this board with any such stuff, not because I don't want to, but because of my integrity: I don't want to impose on those who diminish such matters, especially those who would feel I have trespassed here to try to force them to read what they do not want to read, so I choose to invite those who are interested in these things from now on to go to the Forum Maximim for the continuation of this (and, potentially other) topics.

After all, Outoftune, the topic about the earthquake was not written by me on the CB board, but rather by Germain. Our quote about the earthquake was one of many others we have submitted to various websites. We are regular subscribers to several – we are a voice, a witness, members of the Body of Christ.

So, after this response to your questions, I will no longer use this board, but rather Forum Maximum (except for matters related directly to City Boy).

Outoftune, as a matter of fact, you tickled Juniper's heart with your username – she loved it!

Let me talk about her first, before starting on your first question.

Who is Juniper Uzele? She is the most kind, loving, considerate, generous, warm and tender person that I have ever met! She loves everyone, and everyone who comes into contact with her loves her (I could go on about her songwriting, her poetry, her singing, and the fact that she is a spiritual guide for many, many people around the world, but I'll leave it at that for the time being!). Outoftune (should I continue to address you as that?), as I've suggested above, her and my beliefs are of the Biblical perspective (I say Biblical perspective because there are many churches around the world who have pastors and ministers who don't actually believe in God, thus the word “Christian” is losing its meaning more and more).

What's happening in the world?

Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled right before our very eyes.

As a writer (part of my calling is in this area) I'm obliged to point to these truths because of the love I have for God and for all people; to warn people of these times. We are ever learning and growing,and this part of my growth. Neither Juniper nor I are the kind to preach at anyone or to try and scare anyone: we are not saying people should be afraid and then leaving it at that. But, as a born-again believer, if I do not point to these issues I'd feel as though I'd failed. These issues, for example: earthquakes – are a good sign for caution in these times... it's like signs of the times: “when the leaves fall the winter is coming,” and stuff like that. Just a little hint of what our belief are and the principles we stand for are found in Luke 21...

We do realise not everyone has a Bible or wants to read a Bible or thinks it to be anything meaningful at all. Most people think of it as foolishness. This is another reason why I don't want to offend anyone. I want to invite only those who make the choice to write to me personally as they seek answers to any questions they have.

So, Luke 21:11 Jesus said: “...there will be great earthquakes in various places,”

“Well, there have always been earthquakes in various places,” one might argue. True, but communications around the world were not so sophisticated in the past, whereas now we get to hear about everything as it happens wherever it happens. So it's only in this age that we can observe this going on.

But not only that, if you study the rest of this chapter, you will read of many other prophecies that Jesus made which are being fulfilled right now.

I don't want to extend this too far today, but I must refer to a prophecy from the Old Testament (of which there are many) which is also very relevant. In the last chapter of the Book of Daniel, he is told to “seal the book (meaning: “don't write any more”) even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4b)

I think we'll leave it at that for the time being. I look forward to any responses to this posting.

Love to you all,
Max Thomas

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