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September Update

Post by Max Thomas » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:14 am


It's some time since I posted something here, and I'm in the process of writing to some of you, so I figured I'd share one or two things I've been writing to those people so everyone who's interested might know what's going on with – for example – the proposed eighth City Boy album.

Let me deal with that first. There is plenty of good material – in fact, as far as I'm concerned, the very best quality material – that really is not the problem. Roy continues to have a phenomenal voice. I have complete confidence in him as a producer who can make everything we do sound just as good as when Mutt Lange used to do it. There was an unbelievable amount of negativity from certain people regarding the proposed eighth album when the idea was first mooted. Both of us are not in a strong situation financially at this time, and this has been the main reason why no progress has been made. It's as simple as that.

What's been happening to me in the last couple of years?

Well, as you know, I am a very experienced teacher with more than 30 years spent in both the secondary and further education sectors. My problem in these last few years has been the fact that schools prefer to employ younger newly-qualified teachers (NQTs) simply because they are cheaper. Three times I have had fixed-term contracts terminated early because the schools found NQTs appointed for the next academic year available immediately. So then I have to resort to supply work gained through agencies who take one third of what they charge the school and who pay the same to all - whatever their experience.

I don't have a car at this time which further compounds my difficulty in obtaining even supply work. (It also makes it difficult to visit Roy who lives around 160 miles away) – (If anyone here in the UK has a reliable car they could lend/give me, please get back to me a.s.a.p.)

Schools openly advertise for "new blood" declaring almost openly that they are not interested in the experienced or mature, and I have been astonished not even to be short-listed for several jobs I have applied for in recent years.

I am appalled at this state of affairs, and as I observe (through my visits to many schools on supply) the increasing numbers of disaffected children who pass through the state education system achieving virtually nothing, I am angry at (amongst many other things) the fact that many teachers have no idea how to reach these kids.

I have written to the government about this, and I will write again soon to suggest that they need someone like me to redirect many of their strategies. We – meaning Juniper and I – know how to help young people overcome their difficulties in this world, and we do it all the time with her son's friends and others whom we come across, but the problem is that she is still bound by the conditions of her visa in that she can't work over here, so progress in this direction is limited. We need funding, just like everybody else...


Everyone who gets anywhere in life has had funding in one form or another... even if it involves a meeting or an association with some key person or people who point the way or open a door or provide a service or simply finance one's cause. I'm sure if any of you look back on your life , you will agree that were it not for certain people, you would not have made the money or attained the success that you have.

Human relationships are like a vast jigsaw: we all rely on each other – no man is an island. Like City Boy: there were many key players and factors in the sequence of events that resulted in CB getting as far as it did: Rene Sauter, the Swiss-German hairdresser from Studley who got us a record deal; Chris Pears from Phonogram who signed us; Clive Calder from Zomba who pulled the unknown Mutt Lange in to produce well as Steve Broughton, whose enthusiasm and determination sparked us all... and each one of us, obviously, who contributed what we did to making City Boy what it was. And all of the works associated with City Boy needed – guess what – FUNDING!!!

So I don't beat about the bush when I am writing to the people I am writing to at this time. I need to progess in my life. I have had many tests and trials (see below) which have made me wise. In order to move on, I need to find FUNDING from somewhere. Any of you guys, if you think very hard about what yo could do in terms of: a car – mentioned above; a home – maybe you know of an empty house owned by a friend or relative, in need of TLC and being lived in; some capital – a wealthy friend or relative who wants to invest to get this project off the ground; or even just funds to keep food on my table....

Don't feel embarrassed about an ex-member of a band that you loved being in the situation I'm in – everybody goes through bad times some time in their lives: the fact is that each and every one of us undergo tests in our lives.

You may notice that I have refrained so far from even referring to my faith, Well, that can't go on for long! It states clearly in the Bible that each and every person is sought by God, and one way He does this is to find ways to make us cry out for Him, and then, when we acknowledge He exists, we can call on Him, lean on Him, ask Him, rely on Him, trust Him... to help us, feed us, give us that house/car/job/money and so on. This is one reason why every human being goes through tests and trials at some time in their lives.

One of my greatest tests in the last 10 years has been to be poor. I have never been poor in my life! Juniper has undergone the same test – she has never lived in a flat in her life, let alone been poor. What's your test? Health problems? Marriage problems? Problems at work? Problems with your children? Or financial problems? If you've had no problems in your life to date, I'd be very surprised....

I won't prattle on too much today...
Do post, or write to me personally.. you know:
[email protected]

I love you all!

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