Beginning To End - a testimony

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Beginning To End - a testimony

Post by Laurelei » Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:54 pm

Hi All,

If any of you have read my old posts here, you may know I was hunting for another copy of Beginning To End. I had been looking for one for over a year, first because I wanted to give a copy to a person I felt strongly should have one, and later to replace my worse for wear copy. Even Max couldn't help me out, though he did give me his blessing to burn the copy I had.

Jakob posted that he might have an extra copy for me, and I tried for a long time to take him up on that, both through a post and private messages, but I couldn't raise him.

I would look for one from other sources from time to time with no success. Well, through a very unlikely chain of events, I came across someone who sang on the cd. He got me in touch with someone else who had an extra copy for me. Excellent!

The first person in this chain turned out to be someone we were meant to meet - a fantastically talented guy, a brother in Christ, and someone who could use my husband's talents (Scott is a sculptor). And my husband is thrilled he may get a to use use his talents for God.

Literally within moments of learning that a copy of the cd was on the way to me, I heard from Jakob that he had found the extra cd and did I still wanted it. about timing!. God had prevented Jakob from finding that copy to give me until all the other pieces that needed to fit together could fall into place.

It's like I once told someone here...sometimes the miracle is in the timing.

Too damn hard...

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