A diary stowed beneath the stairs

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A diary stowed beneath the stairs

Post by Germain » Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:23 pm

Hi Max,

My name is Germain ( otherwise known as Roz). I have been a quiet observer of the comings and goings on this site for quite a bit of time. I have long been the happy recipient of the many gifts you have bestowed of the world, both musically and spiritually. I have read with great interest the postings relating to your life's journey and especially your walk with Christ. To have come through so much and to have landed where you did-in Christ's hands; beautiful.

I do have a purely secular question for you. I remember reading in a very old posting that you kept diaries relating to all of your shows. In fact, you even included an excerpt from them, if I recall correctly. You said that no one would want to read them as they could get somewhat boring. May I respectfully beg to differ with you? I found the excerpt very interesting and would love to see more! I am sure that there are tons of your old, devoted fans out there who would agree with me. I am sure we would all like to read your recollections of shows that we attended and meant so much to us. The shows that I attended at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA near Philadelphia remain fondly in my heart among the dearest memories of my life. How about it, Max? If they are not too personal, are you willing to share your memories?


Max Thomas
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Post by Max Thomas » Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:50 am

Dear Germain,

Thank you for your posting regarding my diaries, but in particular for your sentiments in your first paragraph.
Unfortunately, I have no access to those diaries at this time, as most of my stuff is in storage because....I can't go into that right now!.... but when the time comes, I will certainly endeavour to look through them, and hopefully grant your request.

I am encountering some real difficulties in my life at this moment in time, and I currently don't have internet access other than when I come to my local library.

I will write my mobile number in case you would like to text me. It is 07948 603530. You would dial 0(?) 44 7948 603530.

This offer goes to anyone else who would want to text me also.

Praise the Lord, who is with us in our troubles, as many of the Psalms testify (91 in particular), and who told us not to be afraid. All power to you in Him, Germain!

Max Thomas

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