Decided to make this it's own topic....

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Decided to make this it's own topic....

Post by Laurelei » Sat Sep 08, 2007 2:32 pm

and take it out of Max's testimony. I was sort of hijacking his topic, so I'm just going to copy it in here.

Hi All,

I want to see if I can encourage us to get some discussions going in Forum Maximum, about...anything or everything. Max is reaching out to us, and wanting to get things going here. He’s not been checking in perhaps as much as we would wish (and we all know his internet access is limited), but in fairness, we haven’t been giving him much to check in on. He’s encouraged us to respond to his testimony but so far, not many have. Tell him what you thought of it or if it affected you, ask questions or maybe post your own testimony. Max certainly opened up to us and I think we ought to follow his lead. I think Lee made a really moving start.

What’s on your heart or your mind? Let’s open some new threads, or add to the old ones.

What a great opportunity we have here. We all wandered into Rito’s Place originally because we’re old fans, and here we have access to one of the guys who’s not only willing, but eager to talk with us. Let’s jump at the chance.

I would love to see this take off, and be the same sort of vibrant, active board I remember from years ago. I’ve been lurking about here off and on for eight years, and it seems so quiet now compared to the old boards.

I’ll go first. I’m going to put up the rest of the story I started in an earlier post. This happened before I was saved but it started me on the road. Here goes:

I've had 3 children. You always know you’re pregnant before any test tells you, but with my second one I knew immediately. I remember telling a neighbor right away I just knew I was pregnant, and it was a girl, and I hoped my husband liked the name Madelyn because that was her name.

When I was first tested, it was negative. Repeat tests were all negative. Ultrasound failed to find her. Some blood work suggested I may have had a miscarriage, but I wouldn't give up. I had total peace knew in my heart that I was still pregnant.

At one point, I had a doctor who leaned across his desk and got just about nose to nose with me. He actually screamed in my face that I was crazy, and that I needed D&E surgery or I might never have another child or even die of the massive infection he was sure I would contract. I refused.

At what I knew was about 10 weeks along, it became clear I would lose this baby if she didn’t get help, and after much begging, finally got them to order more sensitive tests. They confirmed that I was pregnant, but not producing any progesterone. I was immediately supplemented, but was told this was a very new pregnancy, and I had lost the other one. They said it was medically impossible for her to have survived so long without progesterone.

Well, in the end even my doctors admitted they were wrong, and tried to take credit for our miracle baby. Madelyn was born 15 minutes into what we calculated her due date to be (very easy formula to figure that out) and she was 20” long and 7lb, 7 1/2 oz, clearly not a 7 month preemie. God alone had sustained her for those 10 weeks.

By the way, the name Madelyn was a name we had never even thought of before. It had very stubbornly popped into my head from the first moment I became aware I was pregnant. We came to find out it's a Biblical name, derived from Magdalene, and means tower of strength. Wow, does that describe my daughter. And that also beautifully describes what God has been to us through the years. When God chooses your name, He chooses perfectly!

In Him,
Jo Ann
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Max Thomas
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Post by Max Thomas » Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:06 am

Nice one, Laurelie, and good to hear more of your testimony!

Yeah, come on you heathens and agnostics!

Open your can go and visit Mohammed's tomb, and Buddha's tomb, but you'll find Christ's tomb empty! Because He is risen, and so will anyone who believes in Him be when the shit hits the fan sometime, I believe, in the very century in which we all live.
I'm talking about His Second Coming here, and if there's any Christians out there who don't believe in that, GET A LIFE, because that's what's going to happen!

The "shit" that I'm referring to here is actually the madness and evil that will really take hold in these last days prior to His Return. I hardly need describe the depth of sin that exists in all of our lands at this time (but I will if anyone doubts what I am saying!).

I have an old school friend who told me once that he has a recurring nightmare: he and his family are being "swept away" - that's putting it simply. I have told him time and again that what he is seeing is what WILL happen to many - those who do not know Christ. If you do not know Christ you are defenceless against the coming turmoil and strife.

Praise God for you, Laurelie, you have given me the gut to speak it out as I have never before! Unless us Christians start to shout, no-one will hear, because a time is coming when our mouths will be closed by many in powerful places who do not want to hear the Truth, because they will seek to convince the world that THEY are in charge, THEY alone can save us, and THEY are the only ones who can be trusted.

Gotta all know that I say these things because I genuinely care about every one of you. In many ways, you are my family, and I don't want to lose any of you.
Praise be to God!!!
Love in Him,

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