Happy Easter, Max!

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Happy Easter, Max!

Post by Laurelei » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:46 am

Hi Max,

I wanted to wish you the blessings of the season, and pray this finds you well.

I was always pleased to see your posts on the City Boy board, and was happy to see this new board go up. Your stories about the history of the band and your personal history have been both interesting and moving.

One believer to another, I was wondering if you would share your testimony? I would love to hear how you came to faith. If you're willing but don't think the board is the right place for it, please feel free to message or e-mail me. If you posted this before and I missed it, could you just point me to where it is?


Jo Ann

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Ditto on Happy Easter

Post by radiorick » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:36 pm


I was thrilled to learn that you are a Christian. I became a City Boy fan in 1978 and have never lost the "jones". To know that you follow the Lord is awesome. I noticed on the City Boy site that you wrote and produced a project called "Beginning to End" is that available anywhere?

Your brother in Christ,


Max Thomas
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Post by Max Thomas » Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:10 am

Dear Rick and Jo Ann,
Delighted to read your messages. For various reasons, I don't get access to the internet at all times at the moment; hence my late response. I will certainly try to write a testimony to you soon. Beginning to End is a long story - in more ways than one! There is a CD of the soundtrack, and a few people requested it when it was completed back in 1999 or so. The spiritual climate in this country at this time is not very receptive to such projects. I have my eyes on America, but I have insufficient funds available at the moment to do what I would like.
More soon.....
God bless you both,
Love in Him,

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