A site for dogs.

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A site for dogs.

Post by Froggy » Wed Nov 02, 2005 2:33 pm

Rito, I dont know if this is okay, if not please just delete this.

The trainer I used to work for in CA has a dog website (theres no conflict of interest with the CB board). Anyway I should be the mod on there pretty soon (im dogtek) and hopefully one of these days I should have my own page up there!!! But if anyone needs any dog info, training, behaviour, what breed is best suited to lifestyle kind of thing.... (although he is selling the training videos through the site but anyone I know from this board...well my e-amil address is in here :wink: ). Ive just talked him into adding a couple more sections for pet pics and pet stories so they should be coming soon and I also just got 2 of my favourite vets, very well respected in their field to get on board with it....there is a general health and welfare section which Im working on adding more to.

Anyway, if you have any time to spare, especially if you have a dog please check it out...thanks. :D


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