Cheap phone calls from the UK

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Cheap phone calls from the UK

Post by Martin » Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:09 am

Having just returned from Australia, and as I have a number of friends who live there, I decided to investigate the call charges from the UK to Australia (and the USA as my eldest brother lives there).

Good old British Telecom (BT): To call Australia, landline to landline, during normal daytime, using BT, the charge is 24 pence per minute.
During their cheap or "off peak" period; evenings and weekends, they charge 9 pence per minute to a home phone.
To call an Aussie mobile phone the charge is if I remember correctly, 34 pence per minute........

However, I have just registered with and I can now call Australia and the USA, from landline to landline, for an amazing 2 pence per minute, any time of day, any day! (plus a 3p connection charge for each call)

using and calling landline to Australian mobile is 15 pence per minute, which although still expensive, is half the price of using BT!

I feel chuffed that I can now happily chat to friends in Oz, or my brother in the USA, any time of the day, for only £1.20 per hour!

Just thought I'd share this with other UK people :-)

Hope everyone is well - still busy here!!!!

Thank you - I love you all!

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Post by Froggy » Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:38 pm

Finally!!!! :D

I had all the cheap routes to phone from LA to UK, Germany and Spain, either, forgot the intial number now but it worked out at 4 cents a minute or I used phone cards, one of them (California Original) was about 3-4 hours for $10 with no connection fee.

Now I use Skype, I can phone US or Spain or UK including mobile phones in US for 2 cents a minute.

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