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Spooky things

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:43 am
by Laurelei
So I'm spending a week at the beach, and we are staying in a place that has a long hallway and several bedrooms. I walk out of my room this morning and i see someone walk into the middle room and the door close. I knock on the door and call out to I assume one of my kids to ask if they are ready to go down to the beach. The room turns out to be totally empty! Seems all my kids, my husband and in laws were all in other rooms. Now I don't believe in ghosts, but something wierd happened, because I did see someone go into that room.

Re: Spooky things

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:19 pm
by al
Interesting account :?:

A few random thoughts about what you experienced, while not attempting to articulate one way or the other;

I work with a guy who had an experience and he believes in ghosts. I always joke that there are no such thing and really, until I see one, I am most doubtful.

I recall an old McGyver episode where there were some strange things going on in an old house and a young girl thought it was a ghost. McGyver kept saying "there's no such thing as ghosts." For a moment, he had to utter those words because he had doubts in them. Turns out it was not a ghost, but a killer.

My wife saw her grandfather just after he died. He came to her and asked her to take care of her grandmother. She has absolutely no doubt in what she saw and heard.

I have always had my doubts about ufos, and sometime about July 1 of this year I told myself that I won't believe in them until I see one. A week prior to that something had come up between my father and myself regarding ufos and that is why I had the thought on my mind.

I know I have esp. Every now and then, I know things, or have thoughts that come out later. So why was the ufo thing such a big deal to me the first days of July?

Turns out on July 4th, I saw 4 ufos and missed a 5th one, though my neighbors and my wife saw that one.

Several days later I found out that many people around the country saw the Exact Same Thing I saw! They describe it just as I saw it. Later, I have heard of more folks in town here that also saw them, and they want explainations.

This has expectedly been "blacked" out in the mainstream media. There is no coverage, no story anywhere. Government-ordered blackout to be sure. However, I have seen posts on blogs of folks describing what I have seen.

So, how does all this relate to your account? Perhaps ghosts are real? Perhaps it was an alien?

I believe things are getting strange these days, and at this point, I wouldn't doubt anything.

Re: Spooky things

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:03 pm
by Robin_Shadowes
Although I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood I have unfortunately not much to share myself. Maybe I can thank my grandma for this, not that she was psychic or interested in these topics herself but she and grandpa lived in the same small town so I met them regularly and often when I grew up. Back then there wasn't any internet, in fact it was long before it. It must have been like the late 60's or something like that. Granny regularly purchased 3 or 4 of these weekly family magazines, the kind that covered a variation of topics from celebreties and royalties and such. They often had a column like 'ask the psychic' so I early became aware of that kind of folks and it was fascinating for a young soul as myself to learn about people who could see and hear things we couldn't. There was also this guy writing about UFO's, his name was Eugene Semitjov. This was in the days before and after the moon voyages so he also wrote about the space exploration from a scientific point of view but he was also interested in the UFO phenomenon. I guess I can thank him for teaching me about that subject. He was also a good illustrator and as a side-note he had also created a comic book character in the 50's named Allan Kämpe which was obviously very inspired by the american comic Flash Gordon. From time to time they also had articles about ghosts, hauntings, strange creatures like Nessie and Bigfoot. There are supposed to be several lakes with sea-monsters in Sweden but the most famous is probably the one in lake Storsjön in the county of Jämtland I think it is.
Sometimes there was also articles about other strange creatures, the ones generally referred to as the fairy kind. Most commonly was the gnomes, the trolls, a female creature called the Huldra looking very beautiful but her back was hollow and she lured men away and they vanished forever. Her male counterpart is called Näcken and he appears always naked close to waterstreams and such playing his fiddle to lure people away like the greek sirens. So I learned about this realm too thanks to these magazines and I guess there also on occasion was articles about people who explored or wrote books about subjects like these. I think I also learned about some mysteries and mysterious places in the world thanks to this.

Anyway, I inherited a cat after my parents, that said he survived them both. He was a male black and white cat, no fancy race or something, just an ordinary cat but a very sweet one. He was a runaway cat but they never found the original owner so he soon winded up living with us. I was still living with my parents back then. He was an outdoors cat and most people in our block loved him. I imagine he must have let most people pat him from time to time so he was definetively not an angry or vicious cat at all. Well, a couple of years after my dad passed he got sick. He stopped eating and mostly kept for himself. I think it was the kidneys. The vet told me there was only one thing to do and that was a very difficult moment to take that decision but I realized it was better than letting him suffer. For some weeks afterwards, it's hard to tell exactly how long it lasted but I saw this shadow out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head dirctly at it, there was nothing there. I could only see it out of the corner of my eye! I think I learned after awhile not to look directly but just observe from the corner of my eye. It was not big, it had a size of a cat and only moved close to the floor just a like a cat. I think he disappeared when he realized that I had recognized him and understood that he came just to show me that he was okay. After that he passed over to the other side. There was nothing spooky about it all. I was never afraid of it, not once. However, I have also encountered something more spooky than that. It was just weird and still sometimes baffles my mind.

I lived in an apartment a few years after moving away from my folks. It was a 7-story building and I lived on the 7th floor. Above me was just an attic, nothing else. It was peaceful the first years. I don't know how or when it started but at some point I started to hear carpenter noises from above my apartment, in the attic. I think they were going on both at day but most strangely at night. I mean, who in their right mind is sawing and banging a hammer at night? In the attic! How weird isn't that? It was fairly well known that junkies crashed there and heck, even I got my compartment raided once and even found a leftover syringe when I cleaned up. But junkies are paranoid and don't want to attract un-necessary attention to them, so why should they bang and saw at night? I have to admit I never had the balls to go up there when it was going on, something I regret very much today. Anyway, there was one night, I was alone and it annoyed me so much as I tried to locate exactly where above me it originated. So I went around my apartment and listened carefully. It was just one room so I had made a small alcove in one of the corners of the room with the help of my book-case. It was there standing on my own bed, where the pillow was, that I could hear the sounds best. It was at that location I could hear the bangings the loudest. I never heard any voices, just hammers and saws. One day my next door neighbour, an elderly lady, we just happen to meet in the elevator and I took the opportunity to bring up the subject of these strange nosies from the attic. She gave me a look like I was something the cat had dragged in. Like I was somekind of loonie. Later it has occured to me that I was the only one near sensitive enough to hear things coming from another realm than ours.
At the time I was heavily into the "little people" so I thought it could have been them. I don't know if they were gnomes or some other fairy kind race of course. What lead me into that track was I read of an account of someone having a similar experience to mine.
I asked myself why the earth on my attic, I don't know the height, maybe 20 meters or so. But maybe they live on a hill on their side which corresponds or mirrors the 7th floor on my side (or 8th as the case might be as it was in the attic). That's just my thought.
Later I have also been thinking that maybe it was a ghostly echo from the 70's when the houses where built? But then, why didn't they appear until the last few months I lived there?
The story also has an epilogue and that is where the creepy part comes in. About pretty much exactly a year after I moved out, give or take a few weeks or so, a fire burned out the whole attic, at least the whole 7th floor and maybe the 6th too, I don't remember exactly after all this time. From what I read in the local newspapers, I could figure out that the fire had started in the attic, above my former apartment. Nobody died in that fire but who knows what if I had still lived there, would I have died then? At least I would have lost everything I owned.

In the other section of the forum I mentioned, around christmas or so I think about something of past life regressions and someone, I don't know exactly who, was curious and wanted to know some more. I promised to return to the subject later and that I wouldn't forget about the subject. I haven't forgot about it, just never got around to do it. Since it is not about ghosts, maybe it will be a bit off topic but what the heck, let's get it off my back and do it here and now. I think I did regressions 2 or 3 times in the mid-90's, around 93 and 94. The one that made the greatest impression on me was a guiding through cassette-tape, ironically enough and not a live guiding with a human guide. The guide on the tape was one Kristina Wennergren, should any of our scandinavian members want to try it out. Perhaps the tape is still available through New Age-bookstores like Vattumannen or similar store like that.
Anyway, let's get down to business, shall we?
I don't recall the early part of this persons life, only the latter part. I never got a name on this person or exact location or year either. Only that he was a military man, low rank officer of some kind, the kind that train newly recruits or something like that. It was the latter part of the 19th century. We wore yellow scarves, just like the ones I had seen in western movies. Like Custer style or something like that. That located me somewhere in the US but I don't have clue in what state or town or anything like that. I never saw any battles fought in my regression so I guess it was after the civil war. Since I don't have a name, let's just call him Sarge, just to have something more personal to call him and he could very well have worn that kind of rank anyway.
You see, among the new ones there was this young man, Sarge picked on him, not because he was mean or evil, he saw him as what we would today call a sissy, not very masculine. Perhaps he was gay, I never found out but I think we know what people thought about homosexuals in the 19th century. It wasn't as accepted as today and people could get commited to asylums as it was seen as an mental illness then and for a long time forward. In some countries you could even get jailed. Oscar Wilde got jailed for a time.
Okay, so this guy was a bit androgyne, a bit like a young Bowie in the early 70's. Just so you know what I mean.
So how did I know he wasn't mean, you probably asks yourselves. Because during the whole experience I felt what he felt, his emotions, I saw it all from his eyes, from his vantage point. Today we would call him bigoted but that wasn't the standard back then. Sarge didn't see himself as bad, he was a military man an just wanted to do his job as well as he could, train young recruits to become good soldiers.
The problem it later turned out was that the kid didn't feel like that at all. He saw Sarge as a bully and nothing else.
To cut the story short, he took his own life. I think he hung himself but I'm not entirely sure. I felt this, Sarge didn't want to see him dead, he was just doing his job, thus he didn't felt much guilt for it either. Some people were not cut out to be soldiers, simple as that, that was his point of view. So what happened to Sarge after that? There might have been some sort of investigation but I didn't feel he got fired or sentenced to prison. One day he went to town, the nearest town from his "fort" I guess. It looked just like the towns you've seen in a thousand western movies. They usually had these wooden sidewalks and he was just walking one of them. I don't know where he was going exactly but suddenly a young woman stepped out in front of him. She was carrying a rifle. She looked angry. I'm not sure if I met her during the investigation but I just knew intuitively that this was his sister. I don't recall any words spoken, just that she raised her rifle, pointed at me or Sarge. That life thus ended with a bullet in the forehead and that was it. I don't know what happened to her after that because my life was over. How did it feel to die, you might wonder? A sharp but short pain in the forehead.

Now, I don't know if you have read about other reincarnation cases before. If you have, you might be aware that other people that suffered violent deaths in earlier lives also have some sort of scar. Like if they got stabbed in the heart, they could have a scare at that place on the body or if they lost a limb when they died, perhaps they are born without that particular limb. So do I have a scar in the forehead? In a way I have. It's not visible for the eye. You see, since I was very young, since I was 3, 4 or 5 at most, I have suffered these migraine attacks very regularly, at least once a week, sometimes more often. Up until that pivotal moment in my life I had thought of no other explanation that my migraines were of neurological reasons only. But when Sarge died I knew this was an echo from past. So I have suffered that fatal shot much more in this lifetime that I did back then. Strangely enough I didn't suffer another migraine attack for 5 or 6 months after that regression! I had never in my life been free for such a long time in one row up until then! Not until the last couple of years I've stopped having the headaches as often. One person in my current life is either the brother or the sister, I'm not sure which. That is because I feel that she has never liked me. She probably doesn't even understand why she dislike me, she just does intuitively. I believe in it personally. I think it really happened. Because of two things, one that I felt what he felt from his point of view. I had a different personality than I have now but I could understand his feelings nonetheless. He couldn't have been another way because he didn't know any other way than that. Secondly because of the death and that wow-moment it brought with it. It was such a strong emotion. You have to experience itself to know what I mean. Let me just conclude with saying that past life regressions are not in any way dangerous.

Re: Spooky things

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:42 pm
by Germain
Hi all,

Here's my weird story. Many years ago, I was dating a guy whose mother sadly passed away while we were dating. Several months later, stuff started to happen, strangely only to me.

Twice, when I was in the upstairs bathroom in the house he lived in with his mom, I heard a loud knocking on the door. I opened it right away and there was no one there. I should add that the floor outside of the bathroom was very squeaky and I don't believe that anyone could have run away without my hearing.

Also, one night I heard what I am positive was his mother's voice speak my name. I was wide awake at the time.

Weirdest of all, one day we found ourselves locked out of the house. While he was trying to jimmy the side door (which was the door that they always used to gain entrance to the house), I went around to the front door and tried it. As I expected, it was locked. I went to tell him that the door was locked and he and I went back around to see if we could jimmy open the front door. It was STANDING OPEN! No kidding, all the way open. No one was inside the house. We searched, thinking that his brother was playing a joke on us. No dice.

If I believed that a person can return from the dead, I might think that she did not want me in her house.

Kind of creepy, huh?

Here's something else. I work at a college that has a local reputation as being haunted. Many of my co-workers have reported seeing, feeling and/or hearing strange things. I had never heard a thing and I want to make it clear that I do not believe in ghosts or hauntings. I do believe in demons and evil spirits, however.

Part of my job is to review that campus cameras and recently, I have seen some strange things on camera. Several times, I have seen a ball of black light or shadow moving erratically across the screen that was otherwise empty. The other day, I saw a ball of white light moving in the same manner across the screen in another building. There is probably a logical explaination for these things, but darn if I know what it is.

So there's my creepy stories, for what they are worth.


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Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:09 pm
by Laurelei
Roz, I know you totally creeped out my kids with that account.

Jo :shock:

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Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:47 pm
by al
Interesting experiences Roz.

Reminds me back in 1987 my mother and step-father lived in a house with a dog. My step-father fell ill and they had to move to an apartment which did not accept dogs. For several weeks leading up to the move they pondered the dog.

Then the dog fell ill and died...days before the move.

I went to help my mother pack and the can opener on the counter began to make loud noises. It was not running and nobody was near it. It continued to do this so I unplugged it. The noises continued for about a minute after unplugging.

My mother and I attribute it to the dog saying goodbye.

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Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:01 am
by Laurelei
From where I sit, this is scary! Saw this guy on the way home from vacation. It was busily wrapping up some hapless bug so took no notice of me, but I sure noticed it! Nothing there for scale, but stretched out it would have been about the size of my hand. It was moving around so much it was difficult to get a clear shot, but this will give you the idea. Ugggg

Jo Image

PS I have this theory that nothing with eight eyes and eight legs deserves to live!


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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:19 pm
by al
Laurelei wrote:PS I have this theory that nothing with eight eyes and eight legs deserves to live!

What if it has a theory that nothing that walks on two legs deserves to live? :uhhuh:

It probably wouldn't eat anything bigger than a house cat.'d you kill it :para

I like to spray critters with aerosol crafters glue to slow 'em down before trying to kill them. Works great on sticking wings together. In your case it would have gummed up all eight eyes. The first key to winning a battle is taking away your opponents strategic advantage :cheers:

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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:36 pm
by Laurelei
Kill it, well I didn't kill it. Too big and scary and probably it would have crunched. I left it in peace and got quickly away from the huge, ugly monster. BTW, I looked it up. Seems it's called a Writing Spider, and the little zig zag design thing below her is a secondary web made by the male. Since he was not in evidence, unless he was the thing being wrapped up, I assume she thinks nothing with eight legs deserves to live, either. Sort of gives new meaning to "Sugar Daddy". Ewww.

Jo :shock:

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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:26 pm
by Robin_Shadowes
Laurelei wrote:Kill it, well I didn't kill it. Too big and scary and probably it would have crunched. I left it in peace and got quickly away from the huge, ugly monster. BTW, I looked it up. Seems it's called a Writing Spider, and the little zig zag design thing below her is a secondary web made by the male. Since he was not in evidence, unless he was the thing being wrapped up, I assume she thinks nothing with eight legs deserves to live, either. Sort of gives new meaning to "Sugar Daddy". Ewww.

Jo :shock:

We don't have things big like that in Sweden big as a human hand. Although experts claimed as late as last year I think it was, that the widow has gotten a foothold here, according to them mainly because of private import of cars from US. However, I hope they're wrong and I'm glad I haven't seen any. If they're right then maybe we might have things like that now. Which I'm not too happy about. What would you do if you saw one of those things on the wall inside your home? :yikes: |:

Re: Spooky things

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:29 pm
by al
Laurelei wrote:Kill the huge, ugly monster.

I fixed your post for you :wink:

Actually, I set a peanut butter laden mouse trap in the garden this evening to try and kill a mole 8) I have a lazy house cat who refuses to work for food.

Re: Spooky things

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:29 pm
by Laurelei
I showed that spider picture to a co-worker today and she almost fainted. And I thought I was afraid of spiders.


Re: Spooky things

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:40 pm
by Laurelei
I should say I showed her a better shot of the monster, which I found on the camera yesterday.

Jo :shock: