20 children..

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20 children..

Post by bertrand » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:14 am

What a frightening event.No word to describe it
20 children (from 5 to 7) killed,I can't believe it.Try to imagine it..you take your child to the school in the morning,kiss him/her ..and you'll never see them alive again.
It really broke my heart
My thoughts and prayers are with them
F.. all these guns
I've seen that movie too

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Re: 20 children..

Post by Laurelei » Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:14 am

It is horrible! Unbelievable to the point where your mind can't wrap itself around it. There are no words to adequately express the horror.

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Re: 20 children..

Post by christian » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:09 am

Truly beyond comprehension. Just makes me so incredibly sad......

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Re: 20 children..

Post by ggggg » Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:35 pm

Whenever I see or hear somthing about what happened on that Friday my eyes fill with tears. It is unimaginable to think of what happened to those teachers and administrators, and worse those young children. I have two children aged 6 and 8 and my heart breaks for the parents of those poor children, even the adult children. NO parent should have to bury their child. That's not the way it's supposed to work.

There are constant reports about this saddest of tragedies in the media and although I am voluntarily knee deep in it trying to grab on to some something that will ease everyones pain, it remains. This will stay with us for a long long time.

There are a bunch of new angels in heaven and I truly believe their families will see them again some day after death but until then they will be dearly missed and I pray for those they left here on earth that they can find a way to cope with their devastating grief.

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Re: 20 children..

Post by 1after2 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:39 am

:( & :x
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